Coding Your Business in the Cloud – Insights from Message Bus and PagerDuty

Continuing our series of #ChefTalks customer videos about the journey to becoming a coded business, this morning we published two more videos to Opscode’s YouTube Channel. Featuring a couple notable technology innovators – Message Bus and PagerDuty – the videos detail varied, unique approaches to leveraging the cloud and Opscode Chef to build more agile, more responsive, more efficient businesses. Coded Businesses.

First is Jeremy LaTrasse, CEO of Message Bus, detailing how his cloud-based message service uses Chef to manage infrastructure spread across multiple public clouds, using each provider for what it’s best at and reducing risk of failure. Jeremy commented: 

“We started focusing on automation early in our company lifecycle so we could stop doing all the menial tasks by hand. It frees us from the role of day laborer and turns us into more of a foreman or architect role.

You can view Jeremy’s full video here.

Next, Doug Barth, operations engineer at PagerDuty, discusses how the company’s entire business runs on code, with Chef playing an instrumental role in ensuring operations success. Doug noted:

“Without Chef, tasks like configuring firewalls for machines whose network topology is out of our control would be impossible.”

Please watch Doug’s video here.

You can watch all our customer videos via the #ChefTalks YouTube playlist, including previously published segments with Facebook, Nordstrom, and Riot Games, each of whom offer unique perspectives on what it means to succeed as a coded business.

For even more on transforming your own organization into a coded business, be sure to check out our webinar on Thur., June 27, with Forrester analyst Glenn O’Donnell, Nordstrom’s Rob Cummings, and our CTO Christopher Brown, entitled, “Building a Coded Business: Culture, Tools, and the Need for Speed.”

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee