Come celebrate our 10th ChefConf with us!

September 7-9, 2021 will mark the 10th annual ChefConf! The journey from 2012 to 2021 has been a ride full of excitement, sleepless nights, innovative talks, and all kinds of fun. From “Doing DevOps Right” to “Chef helps teams accelerate their DevOps journeys” this year, we have aimed to be a medium for thousands of DevOps and IT folks to learn, interact, and expand their knowledge through keynotes, technical sessions, networking, hack days, charitable events, and more. We thank all of the #ChefFriends in our community; you have been an integral part of the success of ChefConf.

Before we dig into what’s in store this year, let’s look back and get nostalgic about the past 9 ChefConfs. From San Francisco, to Austin, to Chicago, to Seattle, to London, and now Online, we have seen some amazing presentations and enjoyed some of the best local bands the music industry has to offer. Roll that beautiful Chefconf footage.

Don’t forget to join the fun as we celebrate our 10th anniversary with another awesome lineup of speakers, swag giveaways, and other surprises.

Giveaway #1

To thank everyone that has helped to make ChefConf such a special, welcoming place to gather and learn, we have our first giveaway this year!

Walk down memory lane and post your favorite ChefConf experience on any social platform with hashtag #ChefConf & #CelebrateChefConf and mention @Chef. We know you have pictures and videos, and we want to see them. Stir up some delight and get entered to win limited edition ChefConf swag*. To be eligible, you need to also make sure you have registered for ChefConf ‘21: Online. So, what’s your favorite ChefConf memory?

More Giveaways

This year we will be doing more giveaways…excited? We are! We are running some fun contests in August with coolest ChefConf SWAG. Keep your eyes on our social channels every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT starting August 5 for instructions on how to win. Don’t miss out!

Details on the Contests

Just 3 steps to participate in the giveaway

  1. Visit any of our social channels LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to check out the new contest every Thursday starting from August 5 to August 26 at 9:00 AM PT with #CelebrateChefConf.
  2. Follow the instructions and participate within the given time period.
  3. Snag a limited edition ChefConf swag! Winners will be announced during ChefConf ‘21: Online.

ChefConf has been whipping up awesome since 2012.Come celebrate our 10th ChefConf with us. We can’t wait for the next 10! Don’t miss out on sessions, networking opportunities, guest speakers, live performances and more.

Grab your ticket now!

*Terms and conditions apply!


Piyushree Nagrale

Piyushree is a Demand Generation Manager at Progress where she works on recipes to cook new campaigns. When not on laptop scratching her head optimizing campaigns and budgets, Piyushree likes traveling, sketching and trying out new forms of art.