Continuous Availability at IBM

IBM sponsors many well-known sporting events, such as the US Open and the Wimbledon Championships. The IBM Continuous Availability Services – Events Infrastructure (CAS-EI) is the team that operates and manages the very popular web sites for these events. For example, during this year’s Wimbledon Championships, they delivered half-a-billion page views during the two-week tournament.

In the Learn Chef Skills Library article, “Continuous Availability at IBM,” CAS-EI members Brian O’Connell and Rich Bogdany talk about what it means to run the cloud that supports these very visible sites, and how Chef fits into the picture.

Brian and Rich talk about their team’s history and their adoption of Chef. They provide detailed explanations, along with diagrams and screenshots, about their automation stack and workflow. They also talk about what it means to introduce people to Chef, and how they use code reviews and tools such as Foodcritic to help people learn how to write cookbooks that conform to standards set by IBM and the community.

If you want to hear more from Brian, you can also hear him talk to Chef’s own Michael Ducy about DevOps at IBM. Check out Michaels’ site, The Goat Farm, and tune in to episode 9.

Interested in working in a DevOps environment that supports some of the world’s largest sporting events? Brian and Rich’s team is hiring. For more details go here.

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Roberta Leibovitz

Former Chef Employee