Cultivating a DevOps Community: Take Part in ChefConf 2017

Chef is a company rooted in open source, so community matters a great deal to us. As DevOps goes mainstream, it’s important to ensure we building a strong, inclusive, and diverse community. Just as DevOps is about breaking down silos between teams, we need to break down the silos between companies to truly see its benefits. Chef recently joined the DevOps Express, a new industry initiative comprised of leading DevOps vendors to help and encourage adoption. One company can’t set the the tone for an entire community alone, it takes all of us.

We caught up with Naomi Reeves, Senior Engineer at Target, during ChefConf 2016 to hear what she thinks about DevOps. “DevOps is about having tighter integration between business and technical teams, and making sure we’re able to drive for the outcomes of that business group,” says Reeves. By using DevOps practices, Reeves says her team has greater context around what they are developing, which helps to deliver a more valuable product, faster.

Anyone can be a part of DevOps. A cornerstone of the practice is that it embraces all people and viewpoints. It’s no longer about segregating different folks, it’s one community. — Nirmal Mehta, Technology Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Nirmal agrees that implementing DevOps gives people the opportunity to have important conversations, improve how to deliver software at velocity, and create a strong open source community. All this ensures organizations can best adjust to evolving markets. “DevOps is years of process improvement, understanding and knowledge applied to the IT industry. It’s a community of folks improving how IT delivers service and value to customers and the world.”

Want to be a driving force in shaping our DevOps community? Submit your proposal ideas for ChefConf 2017 here. Submissions are open through January 18, 2017 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Join us at ChefConf 2017 in Austin, Texas from May 22-24, to hear from leading practitioners and IT leaders on the latest trends in enterprise software and open source.

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Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee