Cumulus = Linux OS for Networking w/Chef support

A cool new approach to networking has emerged today as our friends at Cumulus Networks emerged from stealth-mode to unveil the first Linux OS for datacenter networking.

GigaOM had this to say:

“Super-stealthy startup Cumulus Networks has launched with what could be a hot property in the burgeoning world of open networking gear. The startup, founded in 2010 by two former Cisco engineers, has built a Linux-based operating system for switches.”

While All Things D wrote:

“Combine it [Cumulus] with other SDN technologies like that of Nicira — a onetime AH [Andreessen Horowitz]-backed startup that’s now part of VMware — and you have a reasonable shot of making proprietary hardware obsolete.

Why is that important? Networks become a lot more customizable, and more carefully tuned to the applications running in them. They also get cheaper.”

Finally, here’s our own perspective:

“Managing a web-scale data center requires the agility, speed, and scalability that can only come with automation,” “By presenting a standard Linux interface, Cumulus Linux allows Opscode Chef to manage switches as if they were just another Linux node, delivering the full benefits of automation for networking.” – Jay Wampold, VP of Marketing

Read all about Cumulus’ open approach to networking here.

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Lucas Welch

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