Curry Bot Label Issues – Public Postmortem Meeting

Earlier today we had an issue where Curry Bot added and removed the “Signed CLA” label from a number of pull requests every few seconds causing disruption to workflow and even locking users out of at least one pull request.

At Chef, we conduct postmortem meetings for outages and issues with the site and services. Since Supermarket belongs to the community, and we are developing the application in the open, we would like to invite you, the community, to listen in or participate in public postmortem meetings for these outages.

When: July 31st, 2014 14:00–14:55 PDT (2014–7–31 21:00–21:55 UTC)
Where: Google Hangout link to be provided 5 minutes prior to the meeting via @cwebber and @chef, as well as in #chef on

Christopher Webber