Cycle Computing Puts Chef 11 Through its Paces w/10K+ AWS Servers

We’ve been posting a lot of cool news today and now it’s time for a bit more… Our friends at Cycle Computing helped test the scale of the new Chef 11 last week, creating a 10K+ server instance (10,598 servers, to be exact) in AWS using only a single Chef 11 server.

The results? Dynamite.

In short, Cycle Computing’s utility supercomputing software identified potential leads against a cancer target for a Big 10 Pharma company. The run, which utilized 10,598 servers in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud all managed by a single Chef 11 server, would have required a $44 million, 12,000 square ft data center if completed in-house. Each hour of compute time cost approximately $549.72 and 39 compute years were completed in 11 hours.

39 compute years were completed in 11 hours!


You can read all the details over at Cycle’s blog here.

We’re proud to be a small part of awesomeness like this.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee