DevOps + Continuous Delivery @ FlowCon on 11/1

Question: What are Gene Kim (author of “The Phoenix Project”), Jez Humble (DevOps and Continuous Delivery Pioneer), Catherine Courage (VP of Customer Experience at Citrix), John Esser (Director Engineering Productivity and Agile Development at, and Adrian Cockcroft (Director of Architecture for Cloud Systems @ Netflix) all doing next Friday, 11/1?

Answer: They’re speaking at FlowCon, which will bring together technologists and industry leaders passionate about innovation through continuous delivery, continuous design, and lean product development. The gathering will explore the roles of culture, technology, and design in building great products and services. In other words, if you want to be agile, deliver software faster, and basically whip up awesome, FlowCon is for you.

Of course, your friends at Opscode will be there, too. Turns out we know a little about Continuous Delivery and DevOps. In fact, our own Sascha Bates will be presenting on just these topics at FlowCon.

Want to get deeper into Enterprise Chef and continuous delivery and/or DevOps? Check out how went from releasing app updates every few months to every few hours with Chef. Or read up on how Wanelo manages one of the world’s largest Ruby-on-Rails applications with Chef and a DevOps centric approach to app dev and IT ops.

Or, just go to FlowCon and get the latest and greatest from those making it happen every day. We’ll see you there!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee