Continued learning at ChefConf helps drive Digital transformation

Cultivating Chef and DevOps skills

If you’re looking to continue cultivating mission-critical skills for digital transformation and expand your DevOps knowledge, join us at ChefConf in Austin, Texas May 22-24! For the first time, we’re offering a special ChefConf and Technical Workshop Pass to attendees, allowing opportunities for skill development in a supportive and focused environment. Learn automation tools, how to measure compliance as code, or how to manage DevOps teams in a hands-on workshop. You can also select from more than 25 technical sessions to learn from experts, and you can take your DevOps skills to the next level by getting Chef certified. Register for ChefConf using code: Chefskills —>

Digital transformation requires new skills

How many times have you heard the phrase “digital transformation” in the past couple of weeks? Or even days? Digital transformation — the process of moving business operations and practices to more modern digital technologies, like moving data centers from all on-premises to a hybrid cloud model or from bare metal to microservices and containers — is now essential to remaining competitive in today’s commoditized business climate.

Digital transformation requires new skills alongside new technology, in order to be effective. Information technology is now driving this massive change in business around the world – and IT and business results are now inseparable. So how do companies succeed in the new world of digital revolution?

By ensuring IT teams are working with the rest of the organization to drive toward a mutual goal, something we call DevOps.

DevOps skills drive positive business results

DevOps is “making sure that you have the same goals, you’re working hard toward delivering a service rather than working on your little piece, and hoping it fits together in the end,” according to Victoria Blessing, Operations Engineer at Texas A&M University. “DevOps is about making sure you’re headed in the same direction.”

DevOps engineers are in high demand, as the cultural and philosophical movement goes mainstream and more organizations are looking to leverage DevOps to drive their digital transformation. So cultivating DevOps skills becomes critical.

As Nathen Harvey, our VP of Community Development said, collaboration and learning drives success when “objectives are aligned and employees across the board are delivering the business outcomes.” If you want to be responsible for positive business results, building out your DevOps skill set should be a top priority.

What better place to learn new skills than within a welcoming community of passionate leaders, practitioners, and DevOps innovators: ChefConf!

ChefConf and Technical Workshop passes are available for Early-Bird pricing through midnight on March 31 using the registration code: Chefskills. There’s still time to register:

Jamie Bright

Former Chef employee