Early 2013 Chef Introductory Workshop Schedule

Make a resolution to automate in 2013.  Attend one of our Chef Introductory workshops in a location near you.  Workshop coursework covers:

  1. local workstation set up with Chef and connection to a Chef Server.
  2. Use Chef to automate installation of a Nagios server as a real world example.
  3. Automate other common system tasks with Chef, including: User management and sudo permissions, NTP (including a local NTP server) and SMTP relaying with postfix.

Each exercise will be instructor-led, and introduce new Chef concepts along the way. We’ll cover the Anatomy of a Chef Run, Chef’s Authentication Cycle, how to build roles, manipulate configuration through data in attributes, use Chef’s search API for dynamic configuration, and more.

Trainings are currently scheduled in:

January 15 – Washington DC

January 16 – San Francisco

January 22 – Portland, Oregon

January 28 – New York

January 30 – Philadelphia

February 7 – Austin

February 12 – Chicago

February 19 – Miami

February 27 – Los Angeles

February 27 – Washington, DC

February 28 – Denver

March 7 – Atlanta

March 13 – San Diego

March 21 – Boston

March 26 – Philadelphia

For more details and to register please visit

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Jennifer Burke

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