End of Life Announcement for Chef Automate v1.x

On December 31, 2019, version 1.x of Chef Automate will be officially “end of life.”

In May 2018, we released Chef Automate version 2. We rebuilt Automate from the ground up to provide much greater performance, scale, and advanced analytics. The highlights of Automate version 2 include: 

  • New tools and visualizations, including a streaming event feed, trend graphs, and a rich query language, help users analyze infrastructure and compliance automation data from a unified dashboard.
  • Integration with cloud compliance capabilities of Chef InSpec to evaluate cloud configurations (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) via APIs for compliance on either an ad-hoc or ongoing basis.
  • A Go-based microservices architecture, with a modern, performant web UI atop a REST API, enables Automate to support tens of thousands of nodes from a single installation.

For most customers, the process to move from version 1.x to 2 is a simple, in-place upgrade.

As of December 31, 2019, Automate 1.x will no longer be supported. Users of Automate 1.x are encouraged to upgrade to version 2 before this date. For more details on Chef Automate version 2, including installation and upgrade instructions, please visit https://automate.chef.io/, or reach out to your Chef representative.

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Mike Krasnow

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