End-of-Life Announcement for Chef Reporting, Enterprise Chef Server 11, and Chef Analytics

Last week at ChefConf 2018, we announced the general availability (GA) of Chef Automate 2. Chef Automate 2 is a continuous automation platform that provides operational visibility into your managed fleet, with visual tools such as a query language, trend graph and event timeline to help you narrow down and correct errors. Chef Automate has been on the market since July 2016 and now includes all of the capabilities found in some of our older products which are already marked as deprecated.

Therefore, today we are announcing the end-of-life date of Chef Reporting, Chef Analytics, and Enterprise Chef 11 as December 31, 2018.

What does end-of-life mean?

On the end-of-life date, all development on the affected products will terminate. No new versions will be subsequently released including for any security vulnerabilities or bug fixes.

What are the replacement products? What should I do if I am still using these products?

Customers still using Chef Reporting and Chef Analytics should plan to migrate to Chef Automate 2. Chef Automate 2, released in May 2018, is our modern platform for continuous automation and is the culmination of a nine-month re-architecture initiative to improve performance, scale and responsiveness.

Enterprise Chef Server 11 users should upgrade to the Chef Server 12 series, which is the replacement product version. For information on how to upgrade from Enterprise Chef Server 11 to Chef Server 12, please consult the product documentation. Chef Server 12 is compatible with all currently-supported versions of Chef Client.

Who can I contact to discuss my upgrade and support options?

Please contact your Chef customer success manager or account manager to review your options around this end-of-life announcement.

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Julian Dunn

Julian is a former Chef employee