Enstratus Extends Cloud Management With Opscode Chef Integration

Enstratus is both a big supporter of Chef and one of the leading Cloud Management companies. As such, we were delighted to see the recent work they have done providing Chef integration as part of the newest Enstratus release.


With Enstratus’ new integration, joint customers can…

  • Easily configure a connection to an Opscode (or Chef Server) account with enStratus Configuration Mangement
  • Automatically perform a Chef run with a custom Chef run list during the start-up of a new server. This allows for the automatic installation and configuration of applications on your server with Chef cookbooks.
  • Configuring a Chef run list without having to log on to your server. Just past the run list into the enStratus console and launch the server, everything else will be taken care of by enStratus.

Head on over the Enstratus blog to learn more!

– The Opscode Team

Bryan Hale

Former Chef Employee