Enterprise Chef Server Reporting Addon 1.1.3 Release

Reporting 1.1.3 is a bug-fix release to address a regression introduced by Enterprise Chef Server 11.1.8 that contains tightened permissions to Postgresql.

Affected Versions

All versions of the Reporting add-on are affected if you have upgraded to Enterprise Chef Server 11.1.8.


A cron script which updated counts of successful and failed runs in Postgres did not execute due to missing permissions. As a result, graphs in the reporting tab of management console will not show updated date.

We advise all customers using Enterprise Chef Server 11.1.8 to update to this latest release.

Please note, that due to a build-up of data to be processed once the script can connect to the database, we expect a delay, possible up to a few hours to re-publish correctly the old data. Subsequent runs will return to their normal duration after this initial slower run.

To check if you have been impacted by this regression, look for
FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "[local]", user "opscode_reporting", database "opscode_reporting", SSL off
under Enterprise Chef Postgres logs (/var/log/opscode/postgresql/9.2/current)

Upgrade Instructions


Contact your sales representative for a link to download the the latest Reporting add-on.


Follow the upgrade instructions on the Chef Documentation site:
* Reporting Upgrade

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