Fresh New Stuff

You may have noticed over the last few months that a new series of videos has been appearing on the Chef Youtube channel. We’ve started a new series of videos called Fresh New Stuff to show off some of the fun stuff we’ve been working on. Our goal is to show off new and interesting functionality that you might otherwise have missed. So far we have three episodes with more expected in the future.

Episode 1 – Custom Resources because LWRPs are very 2009

This episode shows the new custom resource functionality introduced in Chef client 12.5. We show the origins of resources in Chef with definitions and LWRPs and how custom resources build upon those features to make writing resources easier than ever.

Episode 2 – ChefDK in Travis CI

This episode covers the state of community cookbook testing and shows you how to perform testing in Travis CI. We cover a basic lint / unit test in Travis CI with ChefDK as well as full integration testing using kitchen-dokken.

Episode 3 – What’s New in Chef 12

This episode covers everything we’ve released in Chef 12 between 12.0 and the 12.19 release. We cover the large number of new Ohai plugins, chef resources, and great helpers that improve the Chef experience for cookbook authors.

Nathen Harvey

As the VP of Community Development at Chef, Nathen helps the community whip up an awesome ecosystem built around the Chef framework. Nathen also spends much of his time helping people learn about the practices, processes, and technologies that support DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Web-scale IT. Prior to joining Chef, Nathen spent a number of years managing operations and infrastructure for a number of web applications. Nathen is a co-host of the Food Fight Show, a podcast about Chef and DevOps.