Getaroom Makes Booking Hotels Cheap and Easy with Opscode

More customer awesomeness today, this time from our friends at Getaroom, who make finding the best rates on hotels anywhere in the world fast and easy. Getaroom has deployed Opscode Hosted Chef™ to automate configuration management for the Amazon EC2 infrastructure powering their popular travel service,  achieving a mean time to new compute capacity of less than 30 minutes and eliminating nearly all risk of system failure.


Getaroom provides travelers a state-of-the-art lodging website which offers the lowest hotel rates on the Internet. To keep their dynamic, transaction-intensive service running smoothly, Getaroom moved from a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider to more than 100 Amazon EC2 servers, providing the scalability to manage surges in demand during peak periods with minimal expense.

Hosted Chef provides a model for reuse that easily integrates with Amazon EC2 via the Knife command line to automate configuration management across production, testing and development environments, delivering a consistent, repeatable infrastructure that scales on-demand. By combining Hosted Chef with Jenkins CI, Getaroom can continuously configure and deploy application updates into production, enabling the company to easily adapt to changes in user demand.

Getaroom’s infrastructure architect Ben Poweski had this to say:

“To give travelers the best value for their dollars we’ve created a sophisticated website architecture that consolidates data from countless hotels and travel sites. Automation is absolutely critical to our site operation and Hosted Chef is the best tool for the job. It ensures consistency throughout our infrastructure and makes spinning up new servers a snap.”

For detailed information on how Getaroom uses Hosted Chef and the results the company achieved, please read the case study here.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee