Getting Started with Node & Habitat

One of the most exciting things about Habitat is how it can empower Node developers to be able to build and manage their own deployments. To that end, we will be focusing in part for the next several months on organizing and refreshing our documentation to make it as easy and approachable as possible for devops n00bs (like me!).

We’re doing this in two ways: simple, clonable example repos for those who just want to dive into the code, and step-by-step tutorials for those who learn better with a guide.

Just gimme the code already!

Each example repository has two branches: master and finish, consisting of a raw Node project and a Habitat-ized one, respectively.

Check out the Node example repos here!

What about those tutorials?

We’ve got a few to share right now, and will have more coming in the next few weeks. Links to each of them are on the Getting Started with Node page.

What’s next?

So much in the works! There are number of other example Node repositories to come, including Habitat-ized sample applications with each of the most popular front-end frameworks, CLI app, and an example that adds Habitat to a complex, existing app.

In addition, be on the lookout for similar getting started guides for Ruby, Python, and other popular languages.

Can I help?

Sure! Take a look at our docs on how to contribute to Habitat.