Getting the Most Out Of Hacktoberfest – Part 2

So, how’s your Hacktoberfest coming? Got a few PRs in for your favorite projects? Have you learned something new, or gone to a Hacktoberfest event? If not, there’s still time. And we have an added bonus, our amazing design team has put together some new stickers for our Hacktoberfest participants! Check these out:

You want these. I want these! So how are we going to get them?

  1. Make sure your GitHub account is signed up for Hacktoberfest at
  2. Submit 2 PRs to a Chef, Chef InSpec, Chef Habitat, or Sous Chefs project.
  3. Stickers away! We’ll collect your mailing info at the end of the month.

What kind of PRs are just out there waiting to be written? The Sous Chefs have done a bunch of work creating some issues to get you going in the land of cookbook maintenance and good cookbook project hygiene.

Are you a Java guru? Maybe you can help make the Java cookbook better!

PostgreSQL more your thing? There’s some good first issues there too!

Or Apache2:



Check out Part 1 for more info on how to get going with Hacktoberfest and some other project wishlists. If you have questions, please join us in the Chef Community Slack!

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Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.