Guest editorial: “How to find your continuous delivery rhythm” by Jez Humble

The third entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Jez Humble, author of the book Continuous Delivery and principal at ThoughtWorks. Jez examines how the lower cost of product development means companies can now capitalize on subtle market signals, the nature of continuous delivery, and a new kind of minimal viable product. Jez writes:

You don’t buy eggs at the supermarket once a year. And you don’t buy an egg as a replacement every single time you use one. No, you buy eggs on an ongoing basis in small batches. This is the kind of rhythm that powers our ability to move rapidly when there’s a weak signal in the marketplace. It’s the kind of rhythm that powers our ability to change code based on customer demand. And it’s the kind of rhythm that powers our ability to compete effectively – and with a decided advantage.”

You can read the editorial in its entirety over at and, if you missed them, be sure to check out previous essays from Kate Matsudaira of popforms and Phil Dibowitz of Facebook.

The Quiet Revolutionaries is coming soon…

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee