Habitat Hack PDX Wrap-Up

FullSizeRender-1Last week, our friends at New Relic hosted a Habitat Hack event in Portland, OR for a dozen attendees from companies like Intel and Workday. Habitat is our latest open-source project that allows you to build your applications with the automation built-in. New Relic’s amazing downtown office provided a collaborative space for attendees to “Habitize” their applications of choice.

The session was kicked off with an Introduction from Chef’s Irving Popvetsky and a quick Getting Started Tutorial from Eric Maxwell. Using an Open Space technique, attendees self-organized into groups based on the kinds of applications they wanted to “Habitize”.

FullSizeRenderEveryone quickly came up to speed, some having never used Habitat before, creating or improving Habitat Plans for apps including Minecraft Server, Snap (an open telemetry framework), New Relic’s Java agent, and MongoDB. One attendee found and squashed a bug in an existing Habitat Core Plan for PostgreSQL! We wrapped-up the evening with attendees presenting demos of the various applications with their Habitat plans.

Thank you to our generous hosts at New Relic!

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Daniel Martushev

Daniel is a Solutions Architect focused on spreading the love of Chef and humane systems automation. He has worked over 15 years at companies ranging from small dot-coms to large enterprises experiencing first hand how awesome or inhumane IT systems can become. He is based in Portland Oregon and hopes to talk to you (over a beer?) about DevOps and how there is a better way!