Habitat on Microsoft Azure OpenDev

Microsoft continues to embrace open source. “We’ve been on this journey for the last few years now,” says Rohan Kumar, general manager, Database Systems, Microsoft. “It’s really a company about choice right now. We really want to meet customers where they are.”

On October 25, 2017, Microsoft hosted Azure OpenDev, with six speakers representing multiple open source projects. We are delighted that our very own Matt Wrock was chosen to present on Habitat, Chef’s newest open source project for application automation.

In Matt’s presentation, “Modernize your Java development workflow with Habitat” he showed how Habitat can build and create an immutable package containing a Java application and run that package in a variety of environments. After creating a distributed Java web application in Habitat, he showed how the application runs in a local Habitat supervisor, and how to perform a rolling update across nodes in Azure. Matt demonstrated the same application running in a container on an Azure deployed Docker host.

For a technical walk through of Matt’s presentation, check out his post on the Habitat developer blog. You can also view the full Azure OpenDev day of presentations. (hint: Matt’s session starts at 1:22:20)

Want to know more about Habitat? Get started with our hands-on demo. With our sample node.js application, you’ll learn how to setup automated builds, auto-publish containers to Docker Hub, and trigger new builds and containers when you commit new code.

Michele Todd

Former Chef Employee