Highlights from Velocity 2014

We had a ton of fun at Velocity last week! Thank you to all those who stopped by our booth, our hack, our sessions, or stopped us in the hallway for a chat. And thank you to the whole O’Reilly team for putting on another delightful conference.

Here are some of our highlights… what were yours?

A packed hack: Room at capacity. Demos of Chef Metal and Chef + Docker got everyone (including us) excited.

Lively sessions: Both Jen (Davis) and Adam’s sessions were packed – Adam even had people in the foyer outside the room listening in. We really appreciate so many Velocity attendees taking the time to join us during these talks.

Book signing fun: Mandi and Seth (Vargo) hosted book signings and received a lot of love. It was very cool to see all the connections and experiences shared during these signings.

T-shirt madness: We came prepared with 160 T-shirts and before the show ended, they were gone! Awesome to see folks joining the wider Chef Community so visibly.

Seth V. pinch hits: Seth jumped in for a presenter who couldn’t make their slot and delivered his own session on “Living with OCD”, including some moving and personal insights.

See you in the Fall at both Velocity New York and Velocity Barcelona!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee