IBM Power Systems and Chef

Benoît Créau is a UNIX systems engineer and IBM Champion for Power Systems. He’s currently employed at a large bank and he’s an active blogger and speaker. Benoît has posted several presentations and blog posts on how to use Power Systems more effectively and how to manage Power System environments with Chef.

He presented two sessions at the 2015 IBM Technical Universites and Symposia conference held in Cannes. One session was titled PowerVC for PowerVM Deep Dive: Tips & Tricks. In it, Benoît discusses topics such as how to customize PowerVC, zoning, storage, and using OpenStack commands.

His other presentation was titled Using Chef Automation on AIX. Along with giving a basic introduction to Chef, and reasons why AIX users want to use it, he also gives examples of how to use Chef to update service packs and technology levels, how to use Chef for post-installation tasks, and how to use Chef with PowerVC.

In his blog post, Updating AIX TL and SP using Chef, Benoît discusses a proof-of-concept Chef recipe where updates can be used to update both AIX 6.1 and 7.1 SP and TL.

In Using Chef and cloud-init with PowerVC, he discusses how to use cloud-init and Chef with PowerVC to create machines from scratch and get applications running in minutes.

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