In the News: Cloud Market Analysis; DevOps in Govt.; Reinventing Your Identity

Thus far this week has seen a few interesting pieces across the IT and business media landscape.

First up, Charles Babcock at InformationWeek argues that theorizing the big vendors will eventually own the cloud is premature. He provides some interesting point-counterpoint from himself and other media colleagues here.

Next, David Linthicum and Jo Maitland at GigaOM published their quarterly analysis of the cloud market for Q2. Check out some notable stats and happenings here.

Third, the good Folks at AgileX propose that DevOps is here, now, based on observations from their “Agile in Government” executive briefing. A well-thought out look at why DevOps is indeed here to stay can be found at this link.

Finally, a little off the beaten path, Forbes examines how an infamous Mafia hitman reinvented his life from scratch. Is that even possible in the current “Internet of Things”?

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