In the News: DevOps @ Cerner, AGILE2013, in the Cloud… Everywhere

This week DevOps once again consumed a number of news cycles, including:

  • Network World took a look at how DevOps and the Cloud can transform IT, citing the real-world success Rafter has experienced w/Chef and Eucalyptus cloud. You can read the full profile here.
  • Our good friends @ Etsy engineering spent a day taking and answering questions about their infrastructure, including their use of Chef, on Reddit. Really interesting insights can be found here.
  • SD Times recapped all the goodness at AGILE2013, including our collaboration w/CollabNet, here. The article has lots of tidbits on the latest from agile and/or DevOps-minded vendors.
  • Our own CTO Christopher Brown recently presented at Cerner’s developers conference. You can watch the video of his keynote, “From DevOps to Operations as a Science” here. Pretty rad.

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Lucas Welch

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