In the News – Red Hat Roadmap, E-Commerce Booming

Need some weekend reading? We recommend checking out SearchDataCenter‘s interview with Red Hat’s director of software engineering Denise Dumas, detailing roadmap plans for RHEL. Meanwhile InfoWorld looks at Red Hat’s new Software Collections 1.0, featuring new versions of Ruby and Python for RHEL.

Also in InfoWorld, Ted Samson takes a look at IBM’s acquisition of SoftLayer and how it stacks up competitively against AWS. For more coverage on the SoftLayer acquisition, check out an interesting counterpoint argument from The Register here.

Finally, All Things D reports that Walmart expects global e-commerce revenue to top $10B this year. Yes, $10B online alone.

Looking for Opscode’s perspective on relevant trends and news, as well as broader lessons for becoming a coded business? Then please stay tuned as our own Christopher Brown will soon be offering a series of editorials on this blog in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee