Indiegogo crowd-funds projects around the world w/Chef

From raising money for those impacted by the tornado in Oklahoma, to helping people fight cancer, Indiegogo crowd-funds important, even life-changing projects the world over.

To do so, the company uses Rackspace to power a flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure behind all the awesome projects and site traffic. When MTV asked to Indiegogo to power its Hurricane Sandy Relief telethon last year, Indiegogo knew they’d need to dramatically scale-out their cloud resources to handle the massive traffic and user engagement the benefit would generate.

And MTV needed everything ready to go in four days.

With Opscode Hosted Chef already automating configuration for its handful of production Rackspace servers, Indiegogo used Chef to fully configure more than 500 Rackspace cloud servers in less than 24 hours, easily meeting MTV’s four-day deadline for the Sandy Telethon. Thanks to some serious DevOps chops and a little automation help from Chef, Indiegogo delivered 100 percent uptime for system throughout three-hour telethon.

As Steven Boren, DevOps Lead for Indiegogo said:

“Manually configuring 500-plus servers in any amount of time would’ve been incredibly painful, but in just four days? Impossible without automation. Hosted Chef enabled us to configure the entire infrastructure for MTV’s Hurricane Sandy benefit in about a day and ensured the system ran flawlessly throughout the entire event.”

To read the full case study on this cool story, please go here.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee