“Infrastructure as code is transformational.” – GE Automates the Industrial Internet w/Chef

A new week and a new #ChefTalks video about the awesomeness our customers are achieving w/Chef. (<- okay, that sentence is a tad self-serving)

Today we posted a 90-second video of Rob Kightlinger, cloud architecture and automation lead at General Electric, discussing GE’s ‘Industrial Internet’ strategy (you can read an interesting Gigaom article about GE’s recent partnership w/AWS and plans for a Hadoop appliance here) and the creation of a massive private cloud with Opscode Private Chef. Transformative stuff. As Rob says,

“Infrastructure as code is transformational for us at GE… Code scales.”

You can view the video here, or via the screen shot below. For a lot more on GE’s ‘Industrial Internet’ strategy and the company’s use of Chef, check out Rob’s keynote, “Powering the Industrial Internet w/GE’s Commercial Cloud,” from #ChefConf here.

We’ll continue with more customer videos offering different perspectives on becoming a coded business in the near term. In the meantime, please don’t forget about our upcoming June 27th webinar – “Building a Coded Business: Culture, Tools, and the Need for Speed,” featuring Forrester analyst Glenn O’Donnell, Nordstrom infrastructure engineer Rob Cummings, and our CTO Christopher Brown discussing the cultural and tooling changes needed to reap the benefits of the coded business.

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