Opscode CEO Jesse Robbins explains how Open Source is building the Cloud at OSBC on May 16th

If you are planning on attending Computerworld’s Open Source Business Conference you won’t want to miss Jesse’s participation in the panel discussion, “Open Source Built the Web, Now It’s Helping to Build the Cloud”.

Panel Description:

Just as with the web, open source is one of the core foundations of cloud computing as early cloud pioneers used the freely-distributable model to power their web-scale deployments. To businesses today the attraction of open source is the ability to develop a more flexible infrastructure and avoid vendor lock-in.

This panel of leading cloud computing and open source practitioners will share their experiences with helping their customers accelerate their entry into the cloud computing market as well as offer insight into how and where open source will continue to shape the cloud over the next few years.

The panel is scheduled for Monday, May 16th at 2pm.

This year’s OSBC conference is developed around the concept of emerging business models and the best strategies for incorporating open source software into expanding your business. “OSBC makes the argument that every enterprise is, or should be, a data-driven business today” (taken from OSBC homepage). For more details and registration information see OSBC’s website.

Hope to see you there.

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