Join us this week in Bengaluru

This Wednesday, we are joining with Clogeny for Chef : The Path to Full Automation, an evening of discussions centered around DevOps. Tickets are free and would love see you there.

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Opening and Welcome
Speaker: Arne Gallagher, Global Partner Manager at Chef

Changing the way development and operations work
Speaker: Michael Ducy, Enterprise Architect at Chef

Much has been said around the concepts of DevOps, but most of the conversation often confuses rather than helps people understand what DevOps means. This talk will focus on how Development and Operations can change the way they work to provide a more harmonious and productive way to work and increase the effectiveness of an IT organization.

Panel Discussion: DevOps
Moderator: Chirag Jog, CTO at Clogeny


  • Kalpak Shah, CEO at Clogeny
  • Michael Ducy, Enterprise Architect at Chef
  • Arne Gallagher, Global Partner Manager at Chef

Open discussion on DevOps and the changes surrounding how Development and Operations will function in the future

Networking (45 mins) with Snacks & Tea/Coffee

About the Speakers:

Michael Ducy
Michael Ducy currently works as an Enterprise Architect for Chef focused on designing and implementing automation solutions for customer’s Cloud, IT Automation, and Continuous Delivery needs.

Arne Gallagher
Arne Gallagher currently works at Chef and manages global partner alliances. With over 20 years of high-tech experience, Arne has helped companies grow into new markets as they expand their footprint throughout the world.

Kalpak Shah
Kalpak Shah has a unique combination of business understanding and technical acumen.Prior to founding Clogeny, Kalpak was involved in building cutting edge products in at Sun Microsystems and Symantec.Under his guidance, Clogeny has been growing significantly since its inception. Kalpak is passionate about the ground-breaking economics and technology afforded by the cloud platforms.Kalpak holds B.E degree in Computer Science from Pune Institute of Computer Technology(PICT) where he was a Gold Medallist for two consecutive years.

Chirag Jog
Chirag Jog brings a unique blend of wide technology experience and rich management expertise which has helped position Clogeny as one of the emerging companies in the cloud computing space in India. He has rich experience in systems and application software development having worked at IBM Labs and Applied Micro previously. he has built several cutting edge products in the cloud space. Chirag holds a B.E degree in Computer Science from Pune Institute of Computer Technology(PICT) where he held a university rank several times.

Jason McDonald

Jason is a Seattle-based digital marketer for Chef. One time he was runner up in an office table tennis tournament.