Just a Week Away! Explore What’s on the Menu for ChefConf ‘22

Yes, it’s that time of the year, when you go ahead selecting your favorite sessions to attend live at ChefConf. Get ready, register for ChefConf ‘22 and start adding your sessions you don’t want to miss. ChefConf ‘22 is just a week away!

I know, there are so many sessions to choose from. Some cover thought leadership while others are more hands-on. Some are focused on a specific technology and others will help you dive deep into the Chef use cases. With all these choices it can be difficult to select which ones to attend or watch, so let me try to help you. Basically, this year we have curated sessions in a way that can help improve the daily life of DevOps, ITOps, and security teams with product experts and thought leaders sharing their experiences.

Featuring 40+ speakers from Google, SAP, PagerDuty, Oracle, Akeyless, and more, this two-day virtual event is one you won’t want to miss. Be a part of the most exciting DevOps conference of the year.


So, what’s on the ChefConf menu this year?

1. Learn the latest from Chef leadership

Keynote: Progress360 & Keynote: Managing DevOps Complexity

On September 12th, 9:00 AM EDT, we will kick off day 1 of our 11th annual ChefConf with an opening keynote from our CEO, Yogesh Gupta, and EVP & GM of Chef Business, Sundar Subramanian, where we will discuss how Chef can be used to overcome today’s business and technical challenges.

2023 Roadmap {Not Your Mother’s Chef}

Always a key highlight at ChefConf is the much-anticipated view into our product roadmap, which cuts across infrastructure, application, and compliance/security. Join Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP of Product Management for Chef, to explore the innovative and cool things Chef is cooking up for 2023 and beyond.

Keynote: Driving DevOps Innovation

Explores Chef’s platform strategy and vision, one capable of supporting the most demanding enterprise requirements. Prashanth will share his favorite innovations to help solve the automation challenges of today and tomorrow, including our full commitment to all things cloud.

Platform Strategy: The Future of Chef

Join George Westwater, Progress Director of Software Engineering for Chef, as he discusses our evolution to a comprehensive platform strategy and how your automation efforts can be expanded by bringing multiple products and use cases together.

2. Learn how companies implement Chef – the tips and tricks!

Multicloud Security Compliance Scanning: Operational Benefits of Compliance-As-Code at Scale

Join Jay Thoden van Velzen, Multicloud Security Operations Advisor, SAP to learn how compliance-as-code facilitates internal discussions, and how the constant dialogue between the Multicloud and Security policy teams and with teams throughout the organization has made public cloud infrastructure security compliance the most frequently adjusted and most accountable policy in the company.

Modelling Threats and Vulnerabilities For Secure CI/CD Through Chef Automation Stack

Join Krithika Srinivasan, Lead DevOps Engineer, MSys Technologies to understand the need for practices like Shift Left in terms of security for DevSecOps and Learn the role of Chef Automation Stack in embedding robust CI/CD pipeline security.

Managing Linux Desktops with Chef

IT and DevSecOps teams need to include Linux systems in their automation visibility and management plans for desktops. Progress Chef is the tool of choice at Tata Elxi for managing Linux end user machines. Join this panel to understand Tata Elxi’s journey with Chef, from discovering and learning, to adopting Chef to manage its growing Linux fleet.

Cradle to Grave: Enabling Business Velocity with Chef

Learn how Raytheon uses Chef products in the rapid response provisioning of connected, approved and on-demand cloud capabilities. With Chef, Raytheon has reduced delivery times and increased delivery velocity across an information system's life-cycle, from inception to sustainment.

Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen: Managing Teams in 2022

Stephanie Laingen and Chris Todd from TapHere! Technology share how to manage a team of engineers developing with Chef discussing on processes, systems and habits that allow your team to have confidence that you're producing the best work possible whatever the circumstances.

3. What’s new? What's trending?

Config Management Isn’t Dead

As companies move more toward ephemeral architecture in the cloud, there has been the tendency to shift away from traditional configuration management. Companies assert that if changes are made to a system, they should be rebuilt, thus negating the need for configuration management. brittney Woods, Manager - Server Automation at H&R Block says “I assert that isn’t entirely the case.”

Where Does DevSecOps Go from Here?

Somewhere along your DevOps journey, you were probably be thinking “So, now what?” We overcame our silos by putting Dev and Ops together. We thought this would save us time to tackle Dev+Security+Operations collaboratively, but how? Join Aaron Kraft, Progress VP of Engineering for Chef, as he hosts a fireside chat about shifting left and sharing how incorporating security will take you to the next level.

WTH is CSPM and Why Should I Care?

Misconfigurations are generally created in the initial setup or during the lifetime of a cloud deployment. With more organizations moving their legacy workloads to the cloud, it becomes more important than ever to have security compliance management and automated remediation in your cloud infrastructure. Join the panel with Konrad Schieban, Infrastructure Cloud Consultant at Google, Sarah Gori, Consulting Director at ScaleSec, and Kiah Tolliver, Developer Advocate at Progress Chef.

4. See new product updates before everyone else

Benefits of Chef SaaS

Join Mark Cavins, Product Manager for Chef Cloud showing the value of moving to SaaS and how Chef can help with our new platform.

Chef: Ensuring Security for the Cloud

While cloud-native K8s, containers and microservice architectures are dramatically different than traditional on-prem environments, the last thing you want is to adopt a different DevOps approach. Join Sharan Rayaker, Progress Principal Product Manager for Chef, to learn how you can use the same tools and processes you use today to manage cloud-native deployments.

Parallelism and Scale in Cloud Security

Learn the amazing things you can do with InSpec Parallel, including a deeper exploration of inspec parallel's scripting abilities.

What's New in InSpec 6

Dive deeper into all the great new features included in InSpec 6. The list includes features for scanning Kubernetes clusters, running against multiple targets, recommending profiles and so much more. Meet the engineering team behind the most powerful Compliance-as-Code engine available today and have your questions ready!

5. Chef integrations

AWSome Chef: Using REST for Cloud Management

There have been attempts on managing cloud platforms with Chef in the past - most notably `chef-provisioning`. In this talk I will show how to use Chef with REST, how to create a Platform Support Pack and how to do desired state on AWS with it. Without manual work to keep Chef + AWS APIs in sync.

Keep No Secrets: Zero Standing Privileges in DevOps Environments

In this talk, you will learn from Ori Mankali, VP R&D, Akeyless, how organizations can design and implement fully protected and secure human-to-machine as well as machine-to-machine access to a production environment, using Just-In-Time Access with Zero Standing Privileges.

Not to miss, we have a session on “Celebrating Women in Tech” with our special guest, Brenda Darden Wilkeerson, President and CEO, AnitaB.org.

With a range of sessions and topics, ChefConf ’22 is sure to help you expand your knowledge and inspire new solutions. Don’t miss out – register for ChefConf ’22 today!




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