knife-ec2 0.8.0 released

Ohai Chefs.

We’ve released knife-ec2 0.8.0, now available for gem install on your workstation. This release includes improvements around connectivity options for the bootstrap process, particularly for VPC instances.

THANK YOU! to all of our contributors for your work on this release, and also to everyone who took the time to report defects. We’d like to recognize Gabriel Rosendorf who contributed the –associate-public-ip option to simplify VPC bootstrap scenarios; VPC is getting even greater attention from users these days, so the fix is a timely one.

For anyone who would like to submit contributions like these, please visit How To Contribute to understand the requirements and process around contribution.

Details for knife-ec2 can be found on RubyGems and Github.

The list of all changes in knife-ec2 0.8.0 is given below. You can share your suggestions or report issues with knife-ec2 in our ticket system at That project is also where you file your own improvements in the form of pull requests.

You can get help / advice on knife-ec2 on or from the community mailing list at [email protected].

Features added in knife-ec2 0.8.0:

  • KNIFE-381 – Add ability to associate public ip with VPC instance on creation

  • All issues fixed in knife-ec2 0.8.0:

  • KNIFE-458 – Docs: Increase detail about necessary options for VPC instance creation
  • KNIFE-456 – Documentation for :aws_credential_file difficult to read
  • KNIFE-455 – knife ec2 may try to use private ip for vpc bootstrap even with –associate-public-ip flag
  • KNIFE-453 – knife-ec2 doesn’t handle aws credentials files with windows line endings
  • KNIFE-451 – Update Fog version to 1.20.0
  • KNIFE-430 – EC2 server creation tunnelling should wait for a valid banner before continuing
  • KNIFE-381 – Add ability to associate public ip with VPC instance on creation
  • Thank you for using Chef with EC2.

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