LCR Road Trip: Driving Compliance in the age of DevSecOps

Hitting the Road with Learn Chef Rally

Are you concerned with securing systems and ensuring changes do not open security holes? Do you want to avoid having your changes rejected in security review or having to redo the work? Do you want to build systems that are secure by design, and have the ability to detect & correct non-compliance automatically?

If so, the Learn Chef Rally Road Trip is a must-stop destination! So, why wait…?

Book your spot now!

The Learn Chef Rally Road Trip: Driving Compliance workshop takes place from mid-September to mid-October, in thirteen cities across the US and the UK. Come spend an afternoon with Chef Software experts in this hands-on workshop to learn how to:

  • Detect and correct security issues across your infrastructure (on-prem or in the cloud)
  • Rapidly gain and maintain constant visibility into your infrastructure security status
  • Automate security compliance to eliminate risk and deliver software that is secure and compliant by design.

Blurring Responsibilities

Traditionally the responsibility for application security has been in the hands of security professionals. And typically, developers would design and build the software, while security professionals would review and raise red-flag issues for remediation.

In these days of DevSecOps, the boundary line of who owns security has practically disappeared. Essentially, security has become everyone’s responsibility.

This comprehensive security responsibility becomes clear from findings in a recent report by WhiteSource, where 71% of respondents say that the responsibility for application security is in the hands of DevOps teams, developers and their leaders versus independent security teams.

A New Set of Practices

Organizations seeking an integrated DevSecOps team environment, where everyone is truly responsible for system security, have adopted certain practices where they are able to:

  • Detect and correct security issues across infrastructure (on-prem or in the cloud): Organizations are able to test entire infrastructure for security with defined corporate and regulatory policies, prioritize issue areas based on a complete view, and remediate quickly.
  • Rapidly gain and maintain visibility into infrastructure security status: Organizations are able to create a consolidated picture of security status and maintain an up-to-date view, enabling on-demand auditing and providing insights tailored to multiple decision makers.
  • Achieve continuous security: Organizations have been able to automate security to eliminate risk with an up-to-date view of status, an ability to rapidly detect and correct issues, and by delivering software that is secure & compliant by design.
  • Move faster while reducing risk: Organizations ultimately deliver software that is compliant by design by integrating compliance into the software delivery lifecycle and enabling rapid changes without introducing security holes.

Working Together

With the security capabilities integrated in Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite, DevOps teams can work closely with InfoSec counterparts to ensure the software the organization ships is compliant and secure, turning InfoSec into an enabler rather than an inhibitor of velocity.

Chef has helped dozens of DevSecOps practitioners detect and correct security issues before they go into production.

If you are concerned with making sure that changes you make won’t open up your organization to security holes, then join us at the Learn Chef Rally Road Trip: Driving Compliance stop near you.

Alan Baptista

Alan is a Product Marketing Director at Chef, working remotely from Southern California. His career of over 20 years has been in product marketing, sales operations and international business roles for enterprise software, telecommunications and government space at organizations such as CA Technologies, Experian, InterVoice and US Commerce Department. When not helping customers tell their success stories he enjoys traveling and exploring Sous-Vide cooking and BGE Grilling.