The Secret Is Out: Chef & Akeyless Join Forces To Accelerate DevSecOps

Chef recently joined industry-leading speakers from Progress Software and Akeyless at ChefConf '21. They discussed the importance and complexities of Secrets Management and Zero Trust access in large enterprise environments. The session "Secrets Management in Complex Environments at Scale" is now available on-demand.

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Survey Results: DevSecOps Drives Efficiency, Security, and Agility

Recently, Chef commissioned a survey of security professionals in order to provide greater insight into what security leaders are most concerned with and how collaboration with I&O (Infrastructure & Operations) is needed within enterprise-sized organizations.

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Empowering DevSecOps on Google Cloud

October’s nearly over, and for many of us that means an evening full of cobwebs, costumes, candy, tricks, and treats as we prepare for Halloween night. It also means that today is the final day of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

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LCR Road Trip: Driving Compliance in the age of DevSecOps

Hitting the Road with Learn Chef Rally Are you concerned with securing systems and ensuring changes do not open security holes? Do you want to avoid having your changes rejected in security review or having to redo the work?

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