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Release Updates for Chef Infra Client 18

Announcement about changes in the release of Chef Infra Client 18. We are now introducing a new step in the process, a Release Candidate (RC).

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Hosted Chef Set to Get a Database and Infrastructure Upgrade

We are migrating our Elastic Search to Open Search on This blog post covers the details about the impact and our maintenance window.

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Chef Automate and Infra Server Critical Update for AWS RDS January 2022

A critical update for Chef Automate was released on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, and should be applied by Monday, January 17, 2022, for any customers using Chef Automate in conjunction with AWS RDS to ensure service is not disrupted.

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Hosted Chef Scheduled Maintenance and Downtime January 6, 2022

Hosted Chef, your gateway to managing Chef infrastructure in the cloud, is set to receive an upgrade to its database. In order to facilitate this upgrade, we will be migrating all content to a new version of PostgreSQL. We will also be upgrading the application to Chef Infra server 14.10.

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Chef Supermarket, your gateway to finding the cookbooks best suited for your DevOps needs, is set to receive an upgrade to its infrastructure. In order to facilitate this upgrade, we will be migrating all content to new hardware. Early 2022 The outage will affect the Supermarket web application and all APIs that point to Supermarket is a very important content source for our community. We believe that this shift in the underlying infrastructure on which it is hosted is vital in ensuring we can serve you best in the long term.

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Chef Guide: Accelerate test-driven development with Chef Workstation and Test Kitchen

Whether you’re new to Chef or an old pro, Test Kitchen can be a boon to anyone looking to dive into test-driven automation practices and rapid code development.

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Chef Product Launches, Roadmaps, and Webinars ohmy!

We’ve had a couple of big events in the last month, and I wanted to make sure you saw them!  Infra Client 17 Launch  At the end of April, we hosted our Chef Infra Client 17’s Virtual Launch, and registration for that event blew away all of our previous webinars.

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Product Announcement: New Chef Infra Server Automate Functionality and EOL Updates for Chef Manage and Backend

EOL Notice: The end-of-life (EOL) dates for Chef Manage 2.5.x+, Chef Backend 2.x have been extended from December 31, 2021 to December 31, 2022.

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Chef Community Recognition Program and Live Celebration

On April 28th Tim Smith (AKA tas50) and I are hosting the launch of Chef Infra Client 17 (register here if you haven’t yet!). As part of the launch, we’re including a Community of Contributors Celebration. I’m excited to be able to start this new annual recognition program that acknowledges both internal and external contributors to Chef’s open-source projects.

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Chef Announcements: New EAS Release, Chef Infra Client 17 and Community Celebration Event

Chef was built around a vibrant, innovative, and supportive community that helped shape the DevOps movement and usher in a series of automation capabilities to help organizations deliver infrastructure and applications quickly and securely. Today, Progress Software announced updates to the Chef portfolio and community program to build on that heritage.

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