Learn about DevOps and Tools

Chef’s Jennifer Davis (@sigje) has published several new articles in the Skills Library. In “Examining Tools with a DevOps Lens”, she discusses how to evaluate tools in terms of how well they foster the DevOps values of collaboration and communication between team members.

Her second article, “Open Source Collaboration”, gives a practical example of the principles she discusses in the first article. Jennifer shows you how she collaborated on a Chef community cookbook and the tools she used to do it.

Finally, in “Using Test Kitchen to create sandboxes”, Jennifer walks you through creating a sandbox on your computer. A sandbox gives you a safe place to experiment with new ideas and software without fear of compromising your base system.

If you’re interested in learning more about the relationship between DevOps and tools, you can listen to Jennifer’s webinar, Effective Tools for Effective Change. Also, check out her book, Effective DevOps, which she co-authored with Katherine Daniels.

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Roberta Leibovitz

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