Learn Chef Rally: What a Treat!

The Learn Chef Rally team is celebrating a major milestone, and you’re invited to party with us!

In an effort to make our learning materials more accessible, and to enable more people to use and understand the principles of our agile, ever-changing tech world, Learn Chef Rally has undergone a lot of growth and changes over the last couple years. You might have noticed the gamification of our tutorials system, earning you badges and swag as you complete tracks, or the addition of demo videos, to help give visual guidance as well.

As a result, more than 30,000 Chef Friends have joined the fun at Learn Chef Rally, completing over 40,000 modules and earning tons of badges and swag along the way!

To celebrate our growth and your accomplishments so far, we’ve decided to have a little fun in the month of August! If you complete any new module of your choosing in Learn Chef Rally*, you’ll earn an exclusive badge for your collection (see here!). Even better, the first 100 people to complete the Compliance Automation with InSpec track in Learn Chef will receive a surprise swag shipment!


As Learn Chef Rally continues to grow, our team remains determined and excited to make Learn Chef Rally a top-of-the-line learning platform that provides relevant content in engaging (hopefully fun!!) ways, so you can continue to grow your skills in the ways that best suit you. To give you an idea of what that work looks like, we’re currently:

  • Evaluating Learning Management Systems to find the best fit for our and our user’s needs;
  • Grooming all of the current Learn Chef Rally content to identify out-of-date versions, irrelevant content, retired practices, etc.;
  • Remediating bugs with progress-tracking, sign-in, etc.;
  • Updating and maintaining our Instructor-Led training content to ensure it reflects current practices;
  • And of course, adding exciting new tutorials, videos, and guides each month!

If you haven’t yet created an account in Learn Chef Rally, this is the perfect opportunity to get started.

Thanks to all of you, we’ve been able to accomplish tons of amazing things in two years. Now get out there and get learning!

*Excluding Quickstarts

Jody Wolfborn

Jody is a theatre major-turned-technologist with a passion for languages of all kinds and a soft-spot for animals of the canine variety. Since entering the tech realm, she's focused her work on helping others be successful in the ever-evolving DevOps world.