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As you may have seen in this blog post, we now have over 10,000 members of the Chef community signed up for an account on Learn Chef Rally. The Chef training team is busy developing the learning content you need to succeed with Chef and grow your career in DevOps. Here are a few examples of content we’ve created for you:

We are committed to continuous improvement for training content and the overall Chef learning experience. Here are the highlights for the last month.

Learn Chef Rally

In October 2017 we added two new tracks to Learn Chef Rally that focus on using Chef with AWS and Azure. There is also a new Habitat track to help you get started with application automation. Log in or sign up for a user account today and start earning badges for these new tracks:

Keeping our content fresh

Our goal is to have Learn Chef Rally content current and relevant. Many of our modules run through an automated testing process. This helps ensure that each step in the module works as expected and that the code and sample output match the latest versions of product releases.

Improving our site

We’re making the site better every day. For example:

  • You can learn about new and featured content through our Updates page.
  • We remember the login method you last used so you can more quickly pick up where you left off.
  • The revised profile page makes it easier to track your progress and see all your great achievements.


New Course

We’re excited to introduce a new course: DevOps Foundations – Windows & Linux. Registration is now open for the next offering of this class which will be held online at the end of November.

This course is designed to accelerate you from zero to hero into the world of DevOps. Through this three-day command-line driven adventure, you will develop a solid foundation for managing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of servers by using Chef. And because so many companies have both Windows and Linux servers in their environments, we teach you the technical intricacies of managing and integrating both platforms.

Course Update

Course revisions to Chef Automate Compliance brings us up to date with the latest version of Chef Automate (v.1.7.x) and focuses on using the Chef Automate UI for scanning instead of the standalone Chef Compliance server. This course continues to cover InSpec, the Audit cookbook, remediating issues/re-scanning nodes (Detect and Correct), and creating custom compliance profiles.

Why Take Training?

With all that great Learn Chef Rally content, you might be asking yourself “what more would I learn in a training class?” I highly recommend Learn Chef Rally for all who are learning Chef, but the opportunity to learn in a guided classroom (in person or online) experience should definitely be considered. Your guide for this experience will be one of our highly qualified trainers. Several of them work for our partner, TechnoTrainer, and I will conclude this month’s post highlighting their success delivering training for Chef.

Here are a few testimonials from recent students:

“I was sad to have the training end! The personalized attention from the instructor was priceless. Chef made sense and I LOVED it! Every question and problem was solved and explained. Truly craft masters of Chef, take this and be ready to be amazed. Thank you CHEF!”

“Really great training with an extremely experienced instructor. It’s so nice to get practical real-world answers to questions instead of a blank stare. Having an engineer conduct the training makes all the difference, even for an beginner/essentials type class.”

“Robin was fantastic! He is very knowledgeable, energetic, clearly interested in what he was teaching. He cared that every student was gaining benefit from the class. He was accommodating to all attendees especially during labs or if we had any issues or requests. I would definitely take more Chef classes or other technical classes if I knew Robin Beck was teaching them. Having worked in IT training for many years, I am not easy to impress and Robin did just that – thank you!”

Online instructor-led learning

Although we offer some in person classes, most of our classes are now offered online. My team and our training partners are committed to making the online learning experience awesome and the feedback confirms this.

“One of the best VILT [Virtual Instructor Led Training] I’ve ever taken, very well structured and our instructor was excellent, kept us engaged at all times while being patient and very very knowledgeable.”

“Best technical training I have ever participated in…highly recommend if you want to unlock the power of some hidden-but-amazing features of Chef!”

Register for upcoming classes

When you’re ready to build on the skills you’ve learned from the self-paced modules on Learn Chef Rally, instructor-led training is your next step. The personalized attention you’ll receive from the instructor will help you for prepare for real-world challenges of implementing continuous automation in your organization. And with a great trainer delivering the class you will definitely be delighted. Chef training is not only an investment in current job success but also in future career opportunities.

So don’t hesitate, take a look at the list of upcoming classes, sign up and “be amazed” at the quality and value of Chef training.

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Brian Turner

Brian is the Director of Learning Services at Chef. He enjoys interacting with Chef practitioners and supporting their learning journey.