Live from DockerCon

Today we joined our friends at Docker for their user conference – DockerCon 2014. There’s a ton going on at the show today and tomorrow, including Docker announcing its first production-ready version, Docker 1.0.

Of course, your friendly Chefs are out in force at the show, so please stop by our booth for a chat. Then, tomorrow at 3:35 pm, our own Adam Jacob is presenting, “Being the Best Docker Community We Can Be,” in which he’ll use six years of experience, insight, and hugs from the Chef Community to give insight into how everyone at DockerCon can help make the Docker Community the best place in Open Source. Adam’s talks are always fun for all, so be sure to check it out.

In case you missed our own user conference back in April, we recommend viewing Mandi Walls demonstrating how Chef can automate the creation, management, and monitoring of Docker containers – delivering an industrial strength workflow.

Finally, if you’re looking for even more on how Chef works with Docker and other container technologies, check out our Container solutions page.

Justin Fenton

Former Chef Employee