Management Console 1.1.1 Release

Management Console 1.1.1 has been released.

Changes and Improvements

Update URL on data bag item deletes.
Redirect properly on data bag item deletes.
Truncate cookbook names that are too long for run list editor.
Fixed loading of additional roles in run list editor.
Fixed tooltips for disabled sidebar actions.
Added no cookbooks error to constraint editor.
Fixed list selection bug where selection would not clear on multiple delete.
Removed action column from global permissions list.
Added validation to the organization field on the sign up form.
Remove double scrollbar on run history list.
Disable remove button on org members list for users with insufficient privileges.
Show all cookbook segments on file listing.
Added /starter-kit endpoint.
Add a note about comma-separated node tags.
Basic support for reporting billing tiers.

Security Fixes

libyaml 0.1.5
[CVE-2013-6393] – ml_parser_scan_tag_uri function in scanner.c performs incorrect cast

OpenSSL 1.0.1f
[CVE-2013-4353] – allows remote TLS servers to cause a denial of service

Joseph Smith