Management Console Enterprise Chef Add-on 1.2.1 Released


We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Management Console for Enterprise Chef 11, 1.2.1. Please contact [email protected] for details on obtaining this release. Several new configuration options exist to implement the functionality detailed below; review the docs for more information.

Security Updates

Update to Rails 3.2.17 (CVE-2014-0081, CVE-2014-0082)


  • Replace some more instances of Opscode with Chef
  • Don’t allow “core” groups to be deleted
  • Allow configuration of settings through /etc/opscode-manage/manage.rb
  • Password reset capability
  • Client side queuing of bulk requests for delete actions
  • Log levels for Rails and Chef can be set independently in configuration
  • Recipe filtering in run list editor
  • Better handling and display of permissions errors
  • Custom permissions error for list view tooltips
  • Add mailer for organization invitations
  • Display helpful message on empty cookbook READMEs
  • Improvements to group membership user interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fix service type selection logic for Amazon and Fedora platforms
  • Fix bug where wrong organization was being selected on some requests
  • Fix double render delete bug
  • Fix error in password reset signature check
  • Make support URL on login page use the configurable value
  • Fix bug breaking Actions menu after search in Nodes
  • Fix configuration bug to allow Oracle Linux to be configured
  • Fix bug breaking the ability to add users to groups
  • Fix bug on tab changes
  • Fix loading spinner visual bug
  • Fix bug where list selection was not cleared on search
  • Fix bug allowing incorrect feedback form to show

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns,
Nathan Smith, Front End Team Lead

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is the Engineering Lead for the Chef Visual Interaction team.