Management Console Enterprise Chef Add-on 1.5.4 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Management Console for Enterprise Chef 11, 1.5.4. Please contact for details on obtaining this release.


  • Set a unique user-agent for requests (used by Chef Analytics to show when changes are coming from the Management Console.)
  • Allow running on a different port than the Chef server.
  • The organizations list view is sorted alphabetically by name.

Bug Fixes

  • Add missing menu item on roles view.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Fix issue with client object inflation.
  • Fix problems with initial org creation in Internet Explorer.
  • Fix bug where search filter would be applied incorrectly in the run-list editor.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is the Engineering Lead for the Chef Visual Interaction team.

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