Managing DevOps Teams (new rules for radical management)

Last week, Jamie Bright published the blog post, “Why DevOps is for everyone, not just a single team.” It’s a great read, and this line, “Collaboration and communication, core tenants of DevOps, are critical to building and maintaining a company equipped to meet modern customer needs for efficiency and speed,” reminded me of the important goals that Jeff Hackert and I have for our ChefConf 2017 workshop for managers of DevOps teams. Our focus is to help you become the manager that you want to be and to help you succeed in the new way of working.

Why Focus on Managers?

The need for effective leaders and managers has never been greater. You have probably read The Phoenix Project and have felt the universal hug for all things DevOps. Or maybe, like me, you are in the middle of reading Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal and you are realizing that so much needs to change in the role of leadership. But as a manager, you just can’t find the time to think about doing the right thing to support a rock star team in the new ways of working. You know that the most important outcomes are finding success with increased speed, improved efficiency, and decreased risk. But you lack the confidence to support your team in the achievement of these outcomes.

Join the DevOps manager community

Once again at ChefConf, we are offering a workshop focused on managers. If you are new to people management or DevOps, the Managing DevOps Teams (new rules for radical management) workshop is intended for you. The individuals and teams that you manage are changing the way they work. The expectations of you as their manager are also changing. Are you ready for the transformation? This workshop will help you grow as a leader and to manage high performance, high velocity teams. We’ll reinforce existing management practices that still apply and introduce you to new practices that support DevOps teams. At the end, your kit will be loaded with new management techniques and you will also become part of a cohort that will continue to support each other as we continue our learning journey well beyond 2017.

Next Steps

Register for ChefConf 2017. While going through the registration process, make sure and sign up for the Managing DevOps Teams (new rules for radical management) workshop.

Brian Turner

Brian is the Director of Learning Services at Chef. He enjoys interacting with Chef practitioners and supporting their learning journey.