Message Bus Takes Email to the Cloud with Opscode

More customer goodness today: Our friends at Message Bus, pioneers in cloud-based infrastructure for email, mobile and social messaging, are using Opscode Hosted Chef™ to automate configuration, environment and application management across the multiple cloud IaaS providers powering the company’s innovative service.

What is Message Bus’s service exactly? Well, in short, the Message Bus Global Delivery Network is a cloud-native application service for multi-channel email, mobile, and social messaging. The service was purpose-built in the cloud, for the cloud, so businesses of all shapes and sizes can easily send email and other message types without the cost and complexity of multiple messaging servers. Message Bus uses a unique infrastructure to power its service, combining resources from Joyent, Amazon Web Services, and Rackspace to manage dynamic workloads.

By using Hosted Chef to automate this novel approach to enterprise messaging, the Message Bus DevOps team was able to automate the company’s entire compute stack in less than one month’s time, instead of six months or more without Hosted Chef. What’s more, they’ve eliminated nearly all manual infrastructure management.

Message Bus’s President Ken Cheney commented:

“Hosted Chef has abstracted management to a few lines of code, taking months of manual work and condensing it to a few weeks. It’s an ideal tool for our environment because it automates away risk and ensures consistency across everything from server configurations to application development.”

If you’re interested in learning more, you can read the full case study on Message Bus + Hosted Chef here.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee