Migrating to the Cloud with Chef and CTP

A successful cloud migration requires careful planning. Over the past few months, we’ve been taking a look at how your organization can prepare for that migration. In January, my colleague Matt Carter introduced the Shared Responsibility Model, and how Chef can help you validate your areas of concern. In February, I presented a cloud-focused webinar highlighting some of Chef’s integrations with Amazon Web Services. Finally, this past week I was joined by Cloud Technology Partners Principle Architect Douglas Anastasia to discuss how CTP has been enabling their customers for rapid migration.

Partner with the Pros

Regardless of how far along you are in your cloud adoption strategy, there’s no substitute for an experienced partner to ensure an effective migration. By drawing from past experience, a partner can help prioritize current challenges, and prepare for those you’ve not yet encountered. Cloud Technology Partners is a premiere cloud services company that specializes in helping organizations successfully manage their applications in the cloud. As a Chef partner, CTP brings not only their wealth of cloud expertise, but experience in building the automation required to manage environments across data centers and cloud providers alike.

What’s Next?

Nick Rycar

Nick is a Technical Product Marketing Manager working out of Chef HQ in Seattle. When he's not busy preparing product demos, he's torturing his colleagues with terrible puns and needlessly esoteric pop-culture trivia. Mostly he's just another confused New York transplant in the Pacific Northwest.