New Book: Chef in Action by Dimitri Aivaliotis

Awesome Chefs make many tremendous contributions to the betterment of the entire Chef Community each and every day. Today is no different and in this post we’ll highlight an especially notable achievement by Dimitri Aivaliotis, a system architect and Chef contributor based in Zurich.

Dimitri’s book  Chef in Action is now available to order for “early access” over at Manning Publications and with the code “mlchef” you’ll get 50% off the cover price. Here’s a synopsis:


Chef in Action teaches you the ins and outs of automated configuration management using Chef. You’ll start by getting familiar with Chef’s terminology and features. Then, you’ll quickly proceed to writing your first cookbook–the name Chef gives to a set of configuration management instructions. Following numerous practical examples, you’ll learn techniques to handle typical configuration management tasks. Because your infrastructure code, like all code, needs to be tested, you’ll learn a variety of Chef-specific testing techniques. No single tool fits all your needs, so you will learn about extending Chef and integrating it with other tools for tasks like monitoring and logging.


This is a great read for everyone from novice to master Chefs, as Dimitri has years of experience implementing and using Chef in a vast range of environments.

You can read more about the book’s content and, if you like what you see, place an order here.

On behalf of Chef, thank you Dimitri for this major contribution to the Community!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee