New Chef Integrations for Oracle Cloud

This morning at OpenWorld, Oracle formally launched Oracle Cloud and Chef is proud to be a strategic DevOps partner with this new offering. Oracle Cloud, Oracle’s new public cloud offering, is well-positioned to meet the needs of enterprises wishing to extend their on-premises applications into the cloud. Oracle Cloud offers on-demand and dedicated compute resources along with the ability to connect your existing network to your Oracle Cloud deployment through the use of site-to-site VPNs.

When you are managing applications in disparate locations, or simply taking your first step into utilizing a public cloud, automation isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. That’s why, in celebration of Oracle OpenWorld 2015, we’re thrilled to partner with Oracle to offer new Chef integration with Oracle Cloud.

knife-oraclecloud is a plugin for Chef’s knife command-line tool that is used to manage your Chef resources. The new knife-oraclecloud plugin allows you to create and bootstrap new instances on Oracle Cloud, list the available shapes (i.e. sizes) and images available for your instances, and delete them when they are no longer needed. The functionality is identical other cloud-based knife plugins making it easier for you to embrace a multiple-cloud deployment.

kitchen-oraclecloud is a plugin for Chef’s Test Kitchen awesome integration testing framework. While Test Kitchen uses Vagrant on your workstation by default, there’s no substitute for testing your cookbooks on the actual infrastructure on which you will eventually deploy. kitchen-oraclecloud allows you to spin up instances in Oracle Cloud specifically to test your cookbooks.

The READMEs in each of the plugin repositories above have all the information you need to get started. We at Chef love helping our community embrace automation and cloud computing. Offering more integration with more partners allows our customers to choose the offering that best meets their needs, while letting Chef do what Chef does best. We hope you find value in our new integration with Oracle Cloud.

Adam Leff

Former Chef Employee