NEW DATE: Webinar with Adobe Around Managing AWS Infrastructure with Enterprise Chef

The date of our upcoming webinar with Adobe has been changed to Thursday January 23rd at 10am PST.

Please join us if you are you interested in learning about how you can use Enterprise Chef to manage Amazon Web Services infrastructure at scale from the ground up. We will be joined by the folks from Adobe, who will speak about how they used Enterprise Chef and AWS CloudFormation to build a huge presence in the AWS cloud from scratch

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Chef
  • How Chef can be used to automate public cloud infrastructure
  • How Adobe chose and implemented Enterprise Chef
  • Best practice tips and tricks for using Chef in the AWS Cloud

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John Martinez, Cloud Platform Engineering Manager at Adobe

John has had a long, 20+ year career as a UNIX/Linux geek, and currently works at Adobe as a Cloud Platform Engineering Manager, helping SaaS teams make their transition to the cloud as easy as possible. He joined the world of cloud computing in 2010 and has been hooked ever since. He enjoys coding whenever he can, but is passionate about breaking down hard concepts and helping people understand them.


Charles Johnson, Solutions Engineer at Chef

A career sysadmin, Charles has designed, built, and operated web infrastructure for Adobe, Mattel, Intel, Dell, AMD, SAP, and dozens of other companies. An avid Chef user since 2010, Charles joined the Opscode team in 2012. He helps Opscode customers solve problems with systems architecture, build completely automated continuous delivery pipelines, and create & refactor systems automation code. He’s also written and delivered training curriculum around Chef to hundreds of students.

Brian Taylor