New Features on the Supermarket

The Supermarket keeps getting better. In addition to the everyday improvements that we are pushing out all the time, we enabled two big features last week.

The first big feature is tool and plugin sharing. Now, not only can you share cookbooks, but you can share the knife plugins, ohai plugins, and tools that you have built around Chef. We are looking forward to how the community uses this functionality and helps to set the direction of this new part of the site.

The second big feature we enabled is the ability to request to join a Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA). Early on we found that for many, including people here at Chef Software, Inc., a request workflow would make things a lot smoother. We have worked to alleviate that pain and you can now request to join a CCLA instead of trying to track down who is that administrator for a given CCLA.

As an added bonus, oc-id was open sourced last week as well. This was the final component need to run your own instance of Supermarket. Check out the Chef Authentication page in the wiki for more details.

Christopher Webber