No, I won’t tell you what DevOps is. Tell me what you want to achieve instead.

Our friends at Data Economy just launched their new site, dedicated to covering the world’s most critical IT infrastructure issues, from cloud to data centers, and how they impact our global economy. To accomplish this mission, Data Economy will be publishing daily news, analysis, opinion and leadership insight from all angles of the IT business. In that vein, Data Economy published an editorial by our own Justin Arbuckle, entitled, “No, I won’t tell you what DevOps is. Tell me what you want to achieve instead.”

Justin urges us all to move past buzzwords, definitions and the arguments they can create. Instead, he recommends, focus on the outcomes you want to achieve, then align your practices and tools to those goals.

Enough of the navel-gazing and phony definition war. Whether DevOps is a buzzword or not, or what it covers and doesn’t cover, is not a valuable conversation. Instead, we should focus first and foremost on the outcomes — the specific results our clients are trying to achieve in their business. Otherwise, you begin by, or even worse end up, having a dogmatic argument about methodologies. In spite of the fact that technology and ways of working are just tools — a means to an end.

You can read the entire piece over at Data Economy. As Justin suggests, let’s move past debates over terminology and start having tangible, results-based discussions.

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